True connoisseurs don’t drink wine:
they sip secrets.


Salvador Dalì


You don’t just drink wine, you smell it, observe it
taste it, sip it and … you talk about it.


Edoardo VII (1841 – 1910)


I love on the table, while conversing
the light from a bottle of intelligent wine.


Pablo Neruda (1904 – 1973)


Wine is the poetry of the earth.


Mario Soldati (1906 – 1999)



45 grape varieties, a land of diversity and quality

an extraordinary ampelographic richness along the western Alpine arc

In 1887, Count Rovasenda described the complex and diverse panorama of the Pinerolo area in his “Essay on Universal Ampelography”. In 1887, he promoted an ambitious Ampelographic Exhibition in Pinerolo where 628 specimens of grapes were exhibited; 333 of which were described as indigenous or of unknown origin.

Genetic erosion has greatly reduced the rich heritage that existed then, but the number of varieties present in this area is still notable. Some grapes undoubtedly have agronomic or enological value, while the potential of many others is unknown.

The work carried out for decades by the University of Turin and the National Research Council has made it possible to identify the grape varieties, to investigate the enological aptitudes of some of them and to define the genetic relationships with known varieties.

For example, the value of the Baratuciat grape has been rediscovered: scattered in a few plots of land in the Susa Valley at the beginning of the 2000s, its valuable enological qualities have recently received due recognition, leading local producers to replant the variety. The conservation of minor and rare varieties with little agronomic or technical information available, carried out by the Region of Piedmont at the Ampelographic Collection in Grinzano Cavour, the Arnaldi Malva School in Bibiana and the Turin Bonafous Institute in their respective collection-vineyards, is nevertheless important.

These “germoplasma” banks ensure the maintenance of biodiversity and genetic capital that could prove valuable in the future.

Cantina Produttori Erbaluce di Caluso
enostrada pinerolese


Heroic viticulture

Canavese AREA

From the Serra to the Gran Paradiso, from Chivasso to the Vallée


“The excellence and diversity of the wines in the Turin-area mountains and the way they are made”…

Pinerolo Area

A treasure chest full of ampelographic riches


More than 600 kilometres of scenic pearls: tiny mountain villages, Alpine vineyards, castles and fortresses, Romanesque churches and royal residences. Itineraries to suit all tastes and appeal to all the senses.


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